Shopping in Stellenbosch

There are a number of different types of shopping available in Stellenbosch.

In terms of Malls, Stellenbosch has 5 main centres.

Eikestad Mall in the centre of town has a supermarket, pharmacy, a bookstore, various clothing stores, a bank and banking machines, several restaurants and other convenience outlets.

Stelmark Square also in the centre of town off Merriman Street has a supermarket, pharmacy, banking machines, a sports store and some food outlets.

Simondium Mall closer to Idas Vallei has a supermarket, bottle store, pharmacy, hardware store, banking facilities, and some food outlets and restaurants.

Die Boord Mall has a supermarket, bottle store, pharmacy, post office, banking facilities and a few fast food outlets and restaurants.

Stellenbosch Square on the edge of town has two supermarkets, a pharmacy, bottle store, banking facilities, several varied clothing stores and food outlets and restaurants.

Dorp street is a historic street in central Stellenbosch with tall oaks and beautiful Cape Dutch architecture. Shopping opportunities here will consist of antiques and art with many galleries lining the street in some of these fine buildings. Further down Dorp Street is the famous Oom Samie Se Winkel store showcasing wines, antiques, spices, souvenirs and other goods in a gorgeous store that will take you back to the old days.

In the centre of town, stores include souvenir shops, african curio stores, clothing stores, antique and art galleries and various other stores catering to the African Memento theme. These quaint businesses are generally centred on Church, Plein, Andringa and Ryneveld Streets.