Information about Gas And Petrol Stations

Gas or petrol stations are widely available in the Stellenbosch area, the Boland and Cape Town itself. Stations offer three or four types of fuel in general. These are "lead replacement petrol", for older vehicles that required a lead additive in petrol, unleaded petrol, regular diesel fuel and low sulphur diesel. Be sure to specify clearly to your petrol attendant which fuel you would like. All stations are "full service" with attendants offering to wash your windows, check your tire pressure and oil and water levels. The standard measure used is metric using litres.

Stations do not accept standard credit cards so be sure to have cash when you fill up your rental car.

It is best to fill your vehicle during the day. Some stations are open 24 hours and late into the night but it is best avoided to fill your vehicle at night for safety and security reasons.

The major Petrol stations companies here are Caltex, Total, BP, Shell and Engen. The price of petrol fuel is regulated by the government and as such will be the same at all stations. The price of diesel varies from station to station and by type.